Pivotal 6.6

Pivotal 6.6 is the newest full platform release that features enhancements for end users, customizers and administrators. This release delivers new features including a new Pivotal Client, enhanced search, cloud friendly deployment options, Office 365 support and UX enhancements.

  • Pivotal New Client – Completely new look and feel with a simplified and modern user interface.
  • Platform Modernization – The new 64-Bit PBS application provides better scalability and the new universal installation simplifies on premise installation. 6.6 also supports faster cloud deployment to Amazon and Azure.
  • Enterprise Search – Introduction of enhanced Smart Search to Pivotal Client allowing users to find information faster.
  • Office 365 – Outlook 365 compatibility allows users to view customer information, link documents, and add vital customer data to Pivotal. Emails and meetings can be easily linked to contacts to ensure that all interactions are tracked and Integration with Excel Online allows users to export data with a single click.
  • UX Enhancements – New theming & styling options are available for UX, with new features like History, peel off option, improved mobile usability & enhanced Dashboard features.

Pivotal 6.5.3

Pivotal 6.5.3 is a full platform release that provides powerful enhancements to the Pivotal UX Client, Smart Client, and Pivotal Toolkit. Release 6.5.3 focuses on improving the user experience and platform capability. Integrations with external applications are even easier in Pivotal 6.5.3 with single-sign SAML support and a new REST API that works in conjunction with existing, XML, SSIS and Web Services integrations.

End Users

  • Office 64 Bit Support
  • Save personalization of Search Portal Item
  • Pivotal Add-in for Microsoft Excel
  • Advance Search Capabilities
  • Action Center Improvements
  • Flexibility with UX form layout


  • Quick access to search from Portal Item
  • UI improvements to Portal Item form
  • Better navigation for Task-Pad Designer

Pivotal 6.5.2

Pivotal 6.5.2 release offers valuable enhancements to the UX Client, Smart Client and the tool kit, both for end users and customizers. Equipped with new and added functionalities, this release is intended to enhance the user experience across all mobile devices with its intuitive and responsive interface.

  • Enhancements to the Pivotal UX client – improved searching and dashboards, external user support and much more
  • Usability enhancements to Smart Client and Toolkit
  • Compatibility with Office 2016, Exchange 2016 and Windows 10

Pivotal 6.5

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Pivotal 6.5 designed specifically to enhance the mobile experience offers CRM capabilities for complex businesses driving real productivity anywhere, anytime!

Key features of Pivotal 6.5:

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Pivotal UX Client

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Integration of Analytics with the
Smart Client

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3rd Party Compatibility