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Pivotal integration with Gmail for Email and Task functionality

Integration with Gmail is a first-of-its-kind development for Pivotal where an Email system integrates with Pivotal CRM and is able to replace the PIMO (Pivotal Integration of Microsoft Outlook) completely, with Gmail for Email and Tasks functionality.

This means Google APIs can now be used for Email sending which allows users to view their Gmail in Pivotal and link them to Pivotal records (same as Microsoft Outlook Email linking). Other features included in the solution are:

  • New Email and Task client forms to be used in place of Outlook forms
  • Unified view of interaction records (both Email and Task)
  • Record linking options (if required)
  • All Email and Task interactions have been created using OOB schema, hence if the customer decides to revert to PIMO in the future, they can switch to it instantly without any data migration

The solution is easy to use as the application has been designed with:

  • The same look and feel to the Email/Task forms within the Pivotal CRM framework
  • Left hand side navigation tasks for Create/View interactions
  • The ability of Email to hyperlink on the Forms/SRLs
  • Automated (server-side) interactions for creation and Email sending

Best part of the integration is practically no change in the Out-of-Box interactions schema, which means existing interaction data can be used as is, in the new Google implementation.

" Pivotal Integration with Gmail will provide flexibility to customers who are considering (particularly in the Government sector) a move to Google Apps for work and still want to use their Pivotal CRM as their core business system for activity management. ”

Kevin Hewitt Senior Executive, CRM- UXC Eclipse (Aptean Pivotal Partner)

Pivotal CRM for RTP

A GP Training management system designed to reduce administration overhead and provide a valuable collaborative training management environment for Providers, Practices and Registrars. From internal back office functions such as Programs, Enrollment, Placement, Invoicing/Claims, to Events, Workshop and Enquiry Management; Pivotal for RTP provides a single hub across all information.

Smart- SMS (Student Management System)

A CRM and Student Management System designed to reduce administration overhead and provide valuable operational insights into student and workforce development performance.

Smart-SMS (powered by Pivotal CRM) has ready to implement features and modules to support each Student Management function from internal back office functions such as Application Management, Enrollments, Qualifications, Assessment, Course Management, through to HR and Recruitment Management as well as a fully integrated CRM. Smart-SMS empowers you to:

  • Improve completion rates
  • Increase re-enrollment for further skill development
  • Consolidate disparate systems and information silos
  • Engage with students and industry more effectively

“Smart-SMS combined with the flexibility of the Pivotal toolkit allows training organisations to consolidate the multiple databases and systems into a single consolidated hub across all back off and front office functions, with fully integrated CRM to provide a true 360 degree view of the student.”

Sven Martin Director CRM Solutions- Fusion5 (Aptean Pivotal Partner)

Pivotal CRM for Retail Industry

Pivotal CRM for Retail delivers 36O° view of every customer in every channel, providing the insight needed to deliver personalized service, build customer loyalty and increase revenue. Pivotal CRM gives the power to predict trends, prepare for demand, pinpoint customers, optimize pricing and promotions, and monitor real-time analytics and results. It helps in aligning and integrating everyday operations seamlessly in order to effectively manage customers, vendors, and staff all at the same time!

Pivotal CRM for Grant Management

Pivotal for Grant Management provides grant makers with a single tightly integrated solution to unique workflows, support compliance, customer service and contact management to improve effectiveness, service and outcomes from grants issued. It leverages the Pivotal CRM enterprise platform to bring all aspects of the application, assessment, approval, contract, monitoring and completion processes into a single customer facing and administration hub.