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The Aptean Pivotal CRM

Aptean Pivotal CRM is a full-featured CRM platform that integrates all the characteristics of successful CRM, including flexibility, reliability, high performance, and security. Suited to organizations of all sizes, Aptean’s Pivotal CRM solution provides useful insights; adapts processes to business, and helps in improving company productivity with a very flexible and customizable solution.

Key features of Pivotal CRM:

  • Configuration capabilities that empower businesses to precisely model their own unique processes
  • Mobile connectivity making critical data available anywhere, anytime
  • Deep and seamless Exchange integration resulting in high user adoption and low cost of ownership
  • State-of-the-art dashboards that provide extensive interactivity, drill-down and hover-overs, quick and easy configuration
  • Extreme architectural flexibility allowing businesses to create internal processes and external customer experiences that fit their strategy and vision

Go Mobile with Pivotal CRM

Check out our new video to see how Pivotal UX takes flexibility and mobility to a new level!



Pivotal 6.6 is the newest full platform release that features enhancements for end users, customizers and administrators. This release delivers new features including a new Pivotal Client, enhanced search, cloud friendly deployment options, Office 365 support and UX enhancements.

  • Pivotal New Client – Completely new look and feel with a simplified and modern user interface.
  • Platform Modernization – The new 64-Bit PBS application provides better scalability and the new universal installation simplifies on premise installation. 6.6 also supports faster cloud deployment to Amazon and Azure.
  • Enterprise Search – Introduction of enhanced Smart Search to Pivotal Client allowing users to find information faster.
  • Office 365 – Outlook 365 compatibility allows users to view customer information, link documents, and add vital customer data to Pivotal. Emails and meetings can be easily linked to contacts to ensure that all interactions are tracked and Integration with Excel Online allows users to export data with a single click.
  • UX Enhancements – New theming & styling options are available for UX, with new features like History, peel off option, improved mobile usability & enhanced Dashboard features.

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Advantages of Pivotal CRM

Mobile Ready

Pivotal UX Client is designed with mobility in mind featuring a touch-friendly UI with large buttons, easy scrolling and screen layouts optimized for a smaller device. The sales applications delivered with Pivotal, focus on the key tasks that a sales user would do on the road and streamlines the access to these key functions and features. Further, Pivotal’s compatibility with Office 2016, Exchange 2016 and Windows 10 makes it one of the best flexible CRM systems to use.

Unparalleled Access to Information and Insights

Pivotal UX Client with enhanced dashboard capabilities provides users with a central location to access key business metrics and drive actionable results. Information is easily available for a sales team to quickly qualify leads, manage their pipeline, and strengthen customer relationships.

Better Analytics

Pivotal features Aptean Analytics, powered by QlikView, which enables a sales team to gain new insights within their opportunity pipeline, sales performance, and win/ loss history. High-level insights help define a sales opportunity.

Improved Search Capabilities

Pivotal offers many search types such as, Quick, Global, Basic and Advanced that help users find information they need easily and quickly. Pivotal allows users to define their own search criteria, build their own search profiles, personalize results and save the search profiles for later use

Hassle-free Sign-in

Single Sign On (SSO) allows users to sign in just once for all the applications. In case they have logged into another application using ADFS, SSO allows them to sign into Pivotal UX directly through ADFS or Google Apps instead of providing the credentials every time. It provides the users with both the sign in options–through credentials or through ADFS/Google Apps, to choose from.

Personalized Information

The UX Client allows users to personalize the information displayed in the Action Center. Users can add pre-defined lists and charts, configure list columns or define their own chart and add the information they wish to include.

Easy Data Export

If users build new search profiles and want to analyze it further, Pivotal allows them to export it to Excel. Users can either select all the records or few in particular, export them to Excel and open it locally on their devices.

Phased Upgrade Option

Pivotal eliminates the road block of re-implementing the business logic with a phased upgrade option that enables customers to upgrade the platform to the latest Pivotal releases while continuing to use Rich Client or Windows Client. It also provides the option of upgrading it themselves or have the professional services team assist them

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    Pivotal UX
    Designed for Touch and Mobility to keep you connected. Intuitive navigation that makes you more productive!

The Pivotal UX Client is a web-based product with a modern look and feel. It is supported on multiple platforms – tablets, smart phones, laptops and desktops – by industry standard browsers. The UX Client can be used in conjunction with the Pivotal Smart Client and provides the flexibility to give the users access to one or both clients, depending on their needs. Pivotal UX provides a modern and immersive user interface and ensures a consistent user experience across all platforms and devices. Because it is built on the Pivotal Platform, it provides the ability to tailor the application to include dashboards that present metrics and data that are important to you, business logic to enforce your company processes and best practices as well as activities that are automatically synchronized to your calendar.

Pivotal UX highlights:

  • Stay connected to customers anywhere, anytime: Real-time access to customer and prospect information when and where you need it- quickly enter and update leads, track opportunities and send out emails that are saved in Pivotal
  • Quicker & smarter interactions: With CRM at your fingertips, you can respond quickly to customer questions, access detailed data and update information on the go
  • Get insights through Analytics: Seamless access to Aptean Analytics enables you to gain new insight within your opportunity pipeline, sales performance, and win/ loss history
  • Be more productive: Access information faster- enhanced dashboard capabilities provide a central location to access the information that is most important to you
  • Close more deals: Whether you are reviewing account details or recent activities, Pivotal UX provides the flexibility you need to become more efficient- find more opportunities and close more deals

Pivotal Recognitions

Aptean recognized by Gartner for its Pivotal CRM solution in the “Niche Players” quadrant for Sales Force Automation.

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Aptean named a Strong Performer in evaluation of CRM suites for Midsize Organizations.

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Aptean wins ISM Top 15 CRM Software Award.

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Pivotal 6.5 named one of KM World's Trend-Setting Products of 2015.

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Aptean Analytics for Pivotal

Aptean Analytics for Pivotal delivers the perfect combination of specialization, simplicity and actionable data. Delivered with business users and flexibility in mind, Aptean Analytics helps in driving decisions with the right amount of data provided in the most meaningful and usable way.

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Aptean Analytics for Pivotal

Aptean Analytics is self directed – anyone in any role can quickly and easily tailor dashboards to their liking, without the need for IT support, saving time and enhancing personalization.

Aptean provides 3 different solutions for Pivotal customers:

  • Analytics for Pivotal Sales: Dashboards focused on sales to help analyze key metrics such as Sales Pipeline; Sales Win/ Loss; Marketing Project Effectiveness and Lead Analysis
  • Analytics for Pivotal Service: User-friendly tools for making business data more visual and easy to understand to help companies quickly and easily evaluate current support operations as well as plan for future improvements
  • Analytics for Financial Services: Dashboards specific to private banking and wealth management to analyze clients and activities with clients

Productivity Pack

Enhance the power of Pivotal. Get things done faster and in the most efficient way!

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Aptean’s Productivity Pack™ provides users with a set of features that makes working with Pivotal even easier. This module is designed to help you get things done faster and in the most efficient way thereby increasing productivity. The Productivity Pack™ requires no coding and is highly configurable.

  • Increased productivity: The Productivity Pack™ enhances the power of Pivotal by providing user friendly features that will revolutionize how you create and manage data. The Productivity Pack™ will save your organization time and money and has a demonstrable ROI
  • Practically no coding required: All features are configured by Administrators in an easy-to-use interface from within the Pivotal Client eliminating the need for coding. The Productivity Pack™ utilizes Pivotal’s core platform to read your unique business module of tables, relationships, forms, queries and security to unlock the power of Pivotal
  • Highly configurable: The Productivity Pack™ sits on top of even the most customized Pivotal 6.0 systems and is highly configurable. Its elegant design is such that none of your Forms, Tables, Security or Code are modified. It empowers you to leverage the Productivity Pack™ features like which users can do bulk updates to data or which features to provide on right-click menus

Pivotal Success Stories

Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan increases sales, improves agent recruitment with Aptean.

Farm Bureau Insurance, a Michigan company founded in 1949 provides a full range of insurance services, including life, home, auto and retirement to more than 5,65,000 families across the state. The company has 450 agents who for several years relied on antiquated techniques to manage their sales efforts and campaigns. To equip these agents with tools needed to maximize cross and upselling opportunities, Farm Bureau Insurance leverages Aptean’s Pivotal CRM solution. In addition to this, the company’s home office and special investigative unit also relies on Aptean Pivotal to reduce customer resolution times and deliver more personalized customer service experience. In all, Farm Bureau has more than 2,300 Pivotal users.

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